Da ist Nanny!

It’s the book I wrote about my grandmother’s story. She was born in Germany in 1926, lived through World War II, and moved to Argentina at the age of 23.

I always wanted to share with the world the perspective of someone who wasn’t Jewish or homosexual, but also not a Nazi. Essentially, the book tells the untold story of Nazi Germany, or at least, the experience of someone who suffered more than most.

That’s why, after three years of writing, crying, and eating countless homemade cookies with her while listening to her story on Sundays over tea at her house, I ended up with the first edition.

As soon as I printed the first copy, I rushed to her house to show her and give her that first edition. I will never forget the expression in her eyes; it conveyed a mix of happiness and nostalgia. On one hand, I had managed to capture a part of her memories, but on the other, she felt that it had all come to an end there.

Exciting News!

Second Edition in Progress