Luxury Marketing Decoded: Spanish Edition

Discover the democratization of knowledge and uncover insider strategies for success with our Spanish edition.

About the Podcast

Embark on a journey from luxury revelation to podcast creation. Discover how “Secretos del Marketing de Lujo” dismantles traditional marketing notions, offering unique insights tailored for Spanish-speaking audiences.

About me


Started journey into luxury industry working with Dior in 2018.

The Podcast


“Secretos del Marketing de Lujo” aims to demystify traditional marketing concepts for luxury marketing enthusiasts.

We offer clear insights into luxury marketing, providing accessible content in Spanish.

Aims to simplify complex luxury marketing concepts for audience understanding.

Distinctive Edge


Tailored for Spanish-speaking audiences, offering simplified insights and examples.

Conducting one-to-one meetings with professionals in the industry, like a Michelin-starred chef, CEO of a private jet company, among others.

Delving deep into luxury marketing, providing unique value in the Spanish-speaking market.

Interview Showcase

Dive into captivating discussions with renowned figures in the luxury industry, revealing insights, strategies, and stories that illuminate the essence of luxury marketing.

Carme Ruscalleda Serra

World’s only chef with seven Michelin stars

Jorge Pineda

Luxury Scotch Brand Ambassador

Alfredo Lisdero

Co-Founder of a private jet company

Maria Coll Torra

Professional classical cellist